Thinking about adding a pet to your family?

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We can help you with a set of exams designed to make sure the new arrival is healthy and gets its vaccinations and dewormings taken care of correctly. Our Puppy or Kitten Plan provides your baby with plenty of exams while he/she is developing, and we will be sure you have all your questions answered.

We'll even show you how to trim nails, clean ears, and all those other fun pet care tasks.

You already know this new addition will bring countless hours of fun and happiness. But, before you decide on that perfect companion, make sure you know what to expect.
If you are introducing pets into your household, remember to:

  • Remove any houseplants (even non-poisonous plants).
  • Remove anything that may be dangerous to a pet such as unstable furniture or stacks of items.
  • Keep other pets isolated and slowly introduce and integrate over 7 to 14 days.
  • Place a carrier or crate in a private, quiet room with comfortable bedding and fresh water and food.


    When bringing a pet home remember the following things:
  • The pet may not be house trained.
  • Pets between 3 and 6 months are teething and want to chew.
  • They will need preventive health care including vaccinations and parasite control, even if coming from a breeder.
  • New pets need consistent, calm conditioning training to learn and close monitoring.
  • Animals offer and require unconditional love.